We are the leading providers of the best range of 12V Adapter and 12v 3a Adapters with effective & timely delivery.
12V Adapter is an unique product for DC table fan led light and other equipment which is regulated by 12VDC. The product specification for the same may be listed as;

  • it operates on current of 2A
  • the power is 220V
  • the voltage is 12V
  • the size available is 7*10*6mm

12v 3a Adapters finds application in Led adopter. Laptop for any type of dc bulb and other dc equipment. The product specification for the same are:

  • The current rating is 220V plastic body
  • It operates on frequency of 50Hz
  • The power is 37Watts
  • It is150mm long. Input wire.
  • Plastic body.
  • Shock proof.
  • 140mm output wire heavy duty  

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